Cosmetic non-surgical treatment for a young and flawless skin is our forte. Our skin care treatments include:

  • Chemical Peels

 Facial peels using chemicals are a good way of reducing wrinkles, acne scars and splotchy skin due to excessive pigmentation. This treatment utilises acid solutions to get rid of the damaged outer layer of skin, leaving behind a smoother and younger looking skin. These have a rapid recovery time and the soreness or swelling usually comes down within a day or two.

  • Carboxy Therapy

 Also known as Carbon Dioxide Therapy, it is one if the latest techniques used to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles from skin without any adverse effects. By injecting small amounts of Carbon Dioxide beneath the skin area which needs to be restored, the fatty deposits are broken down and collagen is produced to help rejuvenate the skin.

  • Thermage Skin Tightening

 Thermage is another procedure we use to tighten skin and defy the signs of age. By using radio frequency to heat the body which in turn stimulates collagen production the skin tightens and the result is a tightening of sagging skin. We use an anesthetic cream to make our clients comfortable during this process. 

  •  Fraxel Laser

 We help improve skin tone, acne scars and spots by our Fraxel Laser Therapy. This is a mild therapy with minimal risks which takes a few sessions to show good results. However, once you have completed your sessions of Fraxel Laser Therapy with us you will feel a marked difference in your skin texture.

  • Botox Treatment

 A great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Be it crow’s feet, sunken cheeks or inverted lips Botox injections are used to add volume to your facial features taking years off your skin. These are absolutely safe to use and under the guidance of our experts a Botox treatment is what you need for a quick face lift.



We understand your face is a reflection of your beauty. For our clients who are conscious about preserving their youth and looks our facial care treatments include:

  • Microdermabrasion

 Our Microdermabrasion Facial Therapy helps sun damaged skin, dull skin, clogged and enlarged pores as well as the skin texture. With our latest machine used for microdermabrasion the outer dead layers of skin are removed and the debris from the pores unclogged, which give the skin a glow and also reduces aging effects.

  • Diode Laser

 For acne prone skin our Diode Laser Procedure is the perfect cure. A non-surgical procedure, perfect for all skin types it has a great prognosis. Without damaging the outer layer of skin, it alters the function of oil producing glands which prevents acne in the long term.

  • Facial Hair Reduction

 An effective and painless approach to permanently removing unwanted facial hair. Our Soprano Diode Laser gradually heats the hair follicles and removes them without any tingling or other painful sensation. Within a few sessions our clients are rid of unwanted facial hair without having their skin damaged.

  • Dermal Fillers

 Getting back a youthful skin is now possible with dermal fillers. One of the most effective, yet time saving way of reducing wrinkles and achieving a plumper face these dermal filler injections when administered by our qualified practitioner will give your face an instant uplift, returning you back to your youth. With minimum side effects, our experts will chalk out a plan which could include Botox and dermal fillers for prolonged results.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

 The latest anti aging therapy which uses your own platelets to rejuvenate and heal your skin. During this procedure the blood extracted from you is treated (chemicals are not added) and re-injected in small doses to the area of your face restoring it to its previous youthful state, getting rid of scars and healing skin at the same time. Since the platelets are your own, there are no chances of an allergic reaction or the body not accepting them in this treatment.


 Everyone envisions having the perfect body and we help your vision come true. Our body toning treatments include:

  •  VelaSmooth Cellulite Reduction

 We use VelaSmooth Cellulite Reduction Therapy to enable you to get rid of excessive cellulite and tone your body. A well known non-surgical and painless method it helps get rid of cellulite and contours body by heating fatty tissues and increasing oxygen diffusion between cells.

  • Body Sculpting

 Equipped with state of the art body sculpting technology, within a few sessions our clients lose inches and have better toned body than before. An easy non-surgical procedure during which fat cells are shrunk and eventually eliminated by the body through its natural process.

  • ReFirme Skin Tightening

 One of the latest alternatives to surgical skin tightening and face lift, ReFirme uses both optical and electrical energy to heat dermal tissue which enhances collagen production and tightens sagging skin as well as wrinkles. It is a painless procedure with no recovery time required.