Safe Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Defy Age

 With the latest development in technology cosmetic surgery is no longer considered unsafe. However, more patients are opting for non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures rather than isolated surgical treatments which are more expensive and have a longer recuperating period.

While inquiring about the safety of non surgical treatments, these procedures come with minimal risks and their outcome is almost similar to that of plastic surgery. However, the only disadvantage is that compared with plastic surgery most of these treatments take more than one session to achieve the desired result.

Be it facelifts, tightening sagging skin or contouring body parts, non-invasive surgery has the answer to all these beauty concerns. I have shortlisted a few methods which have positive results when it comes to anti-aging treatments and are also considered safe practice.

Liquid Facelift:

Botox and fillers such as Dysport alongside Juvederm which is a soft tissue filler are injectables which are excellent for tightening skin, facelifts, reducing wrinkles, smile creases and crow’s feet near eyes. These are considered the safest non-surgical cosmetic procedure to date which effectively lessens the signs of aging.

Laser Treatments:

These are another way of reducing wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. One of the best alternatives to plastic surgery for facelifts; a carbon dioxide laser is used to destroy the outer layer of damaged cells, which in turn encourages collagen production and the growth of new skin cells which is more supple and youthful. This treatment removes deeper wrinkles and scars from the skin giving it a younger look. But, as compared to dermal fillers laser treatments have a longer recovery time.

Chemical Peels:

Another cosmetic procedure gaining popularity due to its anti-aging affects; chemical peels remove the dead calls from the outer layer of the skin, remove debris from pores unclogging them and tighten the skin giving it a fresh look. This is best for reducing acne scars, light wrinkles, and excessive pigmentation from skin. There could be minor bruising and swelling after a chemical peel treatment but this goes away within a few days.


A latest addition to the anti-aging procedures which is great at removing wrinkles from facial skin and give it a smother tone; thermage uses safe radioactive rays to heat the inner layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen. While maintaining the temperature of the outer skin layer it helps the growth of collagen which is known to tighten skin and give it a better appearance.

These are a few of the cosmetic treatments preferred by patients and doctors alike to reduce the signs of aging. Though these procedures are safe to use, you should ensure the doctor carrying out non-surgical cosmetic surgery is a specialist in his/her field, has an immaculate clinic and has the appropriate credentials to carry out these treatments.