Meet Our Staff

Dr. Jasper Panton:

Jasper Panton

One of Brisbane’s reputed cosmetic physician Dr. Jasper Panton has specialized in state of the art non-invasive cosmetic procedures. A graduate from James Cook University he has also undergone cosmetic training from the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Jasper is a staunch advocate of non-invasive cosmetic procedures and believes alternative non-surgical methods have better effects, shorter recovery time and will in the near future become the preferred way of cosmetic treatments. Anti wrinkle treatment, laser therapy, dermal fillers and Botox therapy are his forte in cosmetic medicine.


 Evie Dixson

Evie has been with us since the past 5 years and is the backbone of our team. An aesthetic nurse she is highly skilled in administering laser treatments for acne scar and skin tone, as well as chemical peels including a variety of dermal fillers for face lifts and contouring. Her career as an aesthetic nurse spans over 15 years, during which she has worked in a multitude of medical settings including spas. Her passion is helping clients with acne problems to build their confidence.



 Sara Summers

Sara is our specialist when it comes to permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation. A qualified aesthetic nurse, she has been tremendous help to us ever since she joined RiverCity Cosmetic Clinic in 2006. With an extensive medical background of working as an aesthetic specialist for 22 years, Sara is perfect when it comes to helping clients choose cosmetic treatments best for them. With an eye for perfection and beauty her treatments bring the best results leaving clients amazed at their new look.