Eat Your Way to Health

Everyone has their own personal concept of healthy food. Some of us consider a low calorie diet rich in fruits and veggies a gateway to health, whereas there are those who believe a balanced diet with a bit of everything in a proper amount guarantees a better life.

We are what we eat, and the purpose of food is not only to stimulate our taste buds but also provide us with energy to tackle everyday challenges head-on in addition to making us feel and look better. So how do we eat healthy to optimise our energy while dabbling in junk food once in a while to appease our appetite? There are a number of ways to eat the food you love without resorting to drastic diets plans and keeping yourself from enjoying your meals while maintaining your health and energy.

Eat a bit from each food group. Don’t limit your diet intake to a certain category. You need your starchy foods which include bread, pasta, rice, etc; proteins which have meat, nuts, beans, fish, etc; dairy products such as milk, butter, yogurt, etc; saturated fats and foods with natural sugar; fruits and vegetables. Moderation while eating from these food groups is the key to healthy eating. For those with a sweet tooth you can try food alternatives with natural sugar while cutting down on cakes, sodas and foods high in refined sugar.

Start Slow. If you are aiming for a change in your diet plan I would never recommend going all the way overnight. This is a recipe destined to fail, since it is not possible to give up on all your beloved foods in a night’s time to instill healthy eating habits. It is better to gradually introduce yourself to a change in your diet. Reducing intake of foods high in unsaturated fat, sodas and sweets should be a slow process rather than refrain from them all of a sudden.

Simple recipes and foods which look appealing make a difference. While making changes in your eating habits think of foods in terms of freshness, ease of cooking, and their presentation. Colourful food which is well presented is more appealing as compared to food which though well cooked lacks colour and is plonked in a plate. Experiment with recipes of foods you like, try to add natural ingredients avoiding unsaturated fat and unhealthy starches.

Avoid the urge to eat when you are not hungry. Listening to your body for hunger pangs is essential since quite a few of us get in the habit of munching on tidbits throughout the day despite not being hungry. Also resist eating while watching TV or working on your computer as we tend to overeat without realising we are overeating.

One of the best advantages of healthy food is that we do not need to boost our immune system with supplements provided in the market. These dietary supplements are beneficial to our health but their vitamins, antioxidants, calcium etc, are not equivalent to those found in fruits, vegetables and other food groups.

 With some effort you can eat better, live better and remember eating junk food once in a blue moon should not make you feel guilty. But, this doesn’t mean you give in to the urge of unhealthy eating habits every other day. Besides, once you develop healthy eating habits junk food will cease to tempt you for good.