Do It Yourself Nail Art

Nails can also make a fashion statement, telling the world about your aesthetic sense and reveal your inner soul. If you are wondering how nails can make such an impression about your personality; nail art is the answer to help you express your artistic flair and creativity.

Lately nail art has become popular in celebrities making it an essential fashion accessory for beauty conscious women. It goes above and beyond the conventional concept of applying coloured lacquer to nails according to your dress colour. Nail art as its name accentuates is actually a form of art where professional nail artists create mosaics, 3-D impressions, floral patterns, using gems, stickers and the like to beautify nails.

For nail art fans getting your nails done every other week by a professional nail artist could prove to be quite expensive, since nails grow, they get chipped and the joys of pretty artistic nails lasts for a couple of weeks at the most. After which it’s back to the nail artist for another round of decorated nails. To avoid this costly trip to the salon why not purchase your own nail art kit and give in to the temptation of revealing the artist in you.

How to Get Started?

Investing in a good nail art kit for beginners will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to choosing tools, but if you are already well acquainted with the art of decorating nails you are better off buying tools according to your expertise.

 Here are a few nail art tools to get you started as a beginner or even as a more advanced user.

·         Basecoat: If you want stronger nails and prevent discolouration, in addition to preparing them for layers of polish, glue and stick-ons, a good basecoat is a must.

·         Nail Polishes: Don’t forget to stash your collection of nail colours with white, black, pastels and magnetic shades along with brighter hues.

·         Stickers: Especially designed for nail art these stickers come in a variety of designs and colours. A good option for beginners learning to practice nail art, these are applied to dried nail polish and sealed with a topcoat for extra protection.

·         Dotting Tools: A very important part of the nail art kit, dotting tools as their name implies help make dots of all sizes on your nails and also come in handy for creative designs. They come in a set of five with ten dot sizes to choose from.

·         Gems/Rhinestones: Add glamour to your nails by choosing from a wide variety of gems and rhinestones. Available in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes these are perfect to create simple yet elegant designs.

·         Glitter: Glitter nail polishes or loose glitter are a good way of accentuating your nails. Add some spark to your nails by applying glitter powder or polish, for beginners glitter polish is easier to manage.

·         Topcoat: Similar to the basecoat a good topcoat is essential to keep your nail decoration intact for a longer period and offer that extra shine to make it stand out.

Doing your nail art yourself might sound somewhat challenging for beginners, but once you learn the basics the rest will become a breeze for you. Who knows, someday you might be consulting a property agent to rent out your own shop and become a professional nail artist yourself!