Discover Non-Surgical Cosmetic Solutions with a Difference

 We at RiverCity Cosmetic Clinic are proponents of non surgical, low risk cosmetic enhancement treatments which are at par with cosmetic surgical procedures.  Dr. Jasper Panton and his professional team of nurses make certain you get the best possible treatment in a hygienic and comfortable environment, along with the best care before, during and after our non-invasive treatments.

Our trained staff provides an array of outstanding state of the art non-surgical procedures keeping in view the busy lifestyle of our clients. We schedule appointments at your convenience and our luxurious yet cozy clinic makes sure you feel at home with us ensuring a positive experience. Located in a picturesque suburb due to the efforts of our real estate agent we are proud to have our clinic in a scenic, calm and refreshing atmosphere.

Deploying the latest technology, most of our treatments have been improved by Dr. Jasper himself who believes in painless procedures, with optimal results to enhance your looks and a minimal recovery time. Though most of our cosmetic treatments do not require a recovery period, we analyse each client individually and advice them about the treatment they are opting for and its long term effect on their skin/face/body.

As a painless alternative to cosmetic surgery most of our procedures do not require any general anesthesia; numbing creams and local anesthetics are used to decrease the feeling of any discomfort during the treatment. The recovery period for a few treatments may take a couple of days to bring down minor bruises and swelling, but unlike surgical procedures it does not take days or weeks for you to recuperate. Similarly, the duration of these surgeries is a fraction of surgical cosmetic treatments and also cost significantly less.


If you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, do take an appointment with us for a free initial consultation. We are confident our non-surgical alternative will offer you a better treatment and our experts will be able to advice you about the best possible treatment to suit your needs and help you shape your body exactly as you desire!


We are currently hiring! If you are interested in working with us please contact us, who knows, someday you might be consulting real estate agents and renting out your own shop to as your own cosmetic professional.